Our best choice to defeat Rep. Fresen

You can see how close we came in 2012. We were outspent 20 to 1, but nearly half of the voters rejected the ethically challenged incumbent — and trusted Ross Hancock, with his pro-homeowner and pro-environmental vision. If we had been able to switch just 702 more voters out of 60,000, Ross would be in Tallahassee right now fighting for our community.

Let’s build on that record and make an even stronger challenge in 2014. Ross has the highest name-recognition throughout the district. He has bipartisan support. And more importantly, his message of progressive fiscal responsibility and his dedication to the values of Miami-Dade homeowners is what voters in the district have been asking for! [Read More...]

Progressive fiscal responsibility


What does “progressive fiscal responsibility” mean? It means making every legislative decision in the context of protecting the value of our investment in our homes, our ability to retire with dignity, and the future prosperity of our children.

The gridlock in government is caused by political factions who don’t share political views. If we want to make some progress, let’s all agree on three shared values:

  • Enhancing the value of our investments in our homes.
  • Our ability to retire with dignity.
  • The future prosperity of our children. [Read More...]

What’s it like to be free of party affiliation?

This election season, the Ross Hancock for State House campaign opened its doors to voters of all parties by choosing to be free of partisan affiliation. As Florida faces long-neglected issues, its citizens are offered rancor instead of solutions. Voters are registering as independent in record numbers, and they are begging for relevance instead of gridlock. At the top, the state parties are just dancing with each other, and party affiliations change like socks.

In the past few weeks, Gov. Scott has proposed increasing state spending per student to a record amount. We might even catch up to Alabama and Georgia.

He also proposed some beneficial environmental protections.

Gov. Crist has also changed some of his previous positions, and is much more supportive of women’s rights than he was in the past.

So we have some politicians taking at least some significant positive steps, worthy of applause. We haven’t had a governor who was good for the environment, education, or women’s rights since the turn of the millennium.

If I were a partisan candidate, I would probably join my fellow partisans in attacking the opposing party’s gubernatorial candidate for flip-flopping and pandering.

But since becoming nonpartisan, I am free to be me. Free to be above the reindeer games. Join me — it’s a fantastic feeling!

Hats off to both governors for listening to the people and supporting equality, education, and the environment. One of them will be leading Florida next year. Let’s not attack the good things they say — they might be listening!

There is no party or special interest group that is dedicated to the long-term sustainability of our communities. Our environmental challenges threaten more than our state’s natural beauty. As water issues and global warming start to impact insurance rates, home values, municipal revenues, and the ability to retire with security and dignity, we will all feel a shared pain regardless of our party identification. The greatest burden will fall on our children, seniors, and the most vulnerable among us—but we all have a lot to lose if we do not unite now.

I believe that the majority of Floridians are hankering to address our energy and water issues in a way that will create economic growth and a sustainable future.

Please follow our campaign as we soar above partisan irrelevance and embrace our common interests.

Good environmental news

gallup2We don’t have as many “environmental candidates” as we used to. Gallup polling shows a 28-year trend in which the environment loses its priority during tough economic times. But it’s on the upswing now, like the stock market. Our 2012 campaign seemed to do very well with its environmental emphasis, especially because our coastal district is full of people with true conservationist values. [Read More...]

$99, shoe leather, and a vision for Florida

I am announcing my 2016 campaign for election or reelection to Florida State House District 114 and I am committing to a total campaign budget of $99.

I will accept no contributions, and our campaign account will start with $99 and that’s it until Election Day 2016.

You shouldn’t have to be rich to run. A campaign shouldn’t be funded by lobbyists and unions. And ordinary working people shouldn’t be pressured for small contributions. No one should pay to play.

Attack ads, robocalls, sign clutter—all the hallmarks of big-money campaigning—are increasingly ineffective. I am confident that the idea of a $99 campaign can be stronger than paid persuasion. I will use shoe leather, social media, and people power to achieve a victory for the public interest and environment over money.

$99, shoe leather, and a vision for Florida. Please join my nonpartisan 2016 campaign. No monetary contribution is needed—just your votes and prayers.