I beg you to cast a vote to save us from the failed ideology of my opponent, who has squandered six years as your State Representative. He has not worked to protect our seniors in nursing homes, not worked to protect our children from school shootings, not worked to fix the broken unemployment system, and has not even tried to lead on the pandemic. He has fought against expanding community health and Medicaid, and opposed wage equality for women.

While people in South Florida suffer, he just takes his marching orders from Trump.

His blind obedience to a failed Trump ideology has made our lives, our environment, and our future worse. Let’s vote for change. Let’s vote for people over ideology. 

No ideologies…just compassion and common sense.

Do you think the same politicians who didn’t prepare for the obvious impacts of the pandemic (especially on nursing homes, schools, hospitality employees and the unemployment payment system) are going to deal with climate change?

Their minds are stuck in outdated ideologies. They don’t see what is going on in our homes and neighborhoods. They don’t feel the pain of young people who have such a tough job market. Or older folks who are left behind by an outdated healthcare system.

If we don’t have leaders who will look with compassion at the realties of today and tomorrow, we will continue to have so much wasted potential. We will continue to have so much uncertainty about the pandemic. Racial strife will become worse and worse, and our safety will be at risk.

There are real opportunities to have a better Florida. But we have to have the heart to seize them!

A vote for Ross Hancock is a vote for:

  • Protecting Florida’s economy and homeowners from the impacts of climate change.
  • Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment by Florida to guarantee equality to women.
  • Expansion of Medicaid to extend healthcare access to hundreds of thousands of Floridians using Federal funds.
  • Reform of policing, the justice system, sentencing, money bail and prisons.

Our race is featured (we are #4!) on the Climate Cabinet 40 list of America’s highest impact climate races. This is based on flippability (this was a +6.5 Hillary Clinton district) and the anti-climate record of our incumbent. Floridians have made it clear they’re ready for a clean energy future — and I promise to prioritize climate action from Day One. Learn more and add your support now:

Black lives matter.

Gov. DeSantis still has time to unify Floridians to address our common challenges of the epidemic, police reform, climate change, senior health care shortfalls, a broken unemployment system, and a lack of career opportunities for young people. He is the one person who has the power to accomplish this, but he seems to embrace a small-government political philosophy that prevents consensus building for strong actions. I am disappointed that he is now misusing his special emergency powers to strip local authorities of their right to implement locally appropriate, commonsense rules that would help protect us.