Ross Hancock is a lifelong advocate for Florida’s environment. He served as a board member of Sierra Club Miami and is active in the Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition. He is a volunteer for Sierra Club’s Inner City Outings program, which introduces at-risk youth to our beautiful environment with camping trips and canoeing.

Ross and ICO campers

Ross and ICO campers

He is a board member of the Gray Panthers of South Dade, a group that advocates for senior issues. He was appointed by Gov. Rick Scott as a local board member for the Selective Service System (standby draft board). Ross is an accredited Florida Master Naturalist.

Ross worked as an American manufacturing jobs advocate for the American Welding Society for more than a decade, working for safety and vocational education issues. He believes Florida needs to add clean manufacturing to its economy, and needs to invest in education to support it. He has been recognized by labor and teachers for his vision to support a talented and prosperous workforce.

Ross and his daughter

Ross and his daughter are avid Everglades explorers.

A product of Florida public schools, Ross has a bachelor’s degree from USF. Early in his career, Ross worked as an economic development consultant with clients like the city of Coral Gables and the Vision Council, which was responsible for economic development of Homestead after Hurricane Andrew. After the hurricane, Ross published and edited an AP-member newspaper in Homestead, Florida.

I approach the race for this office with humility and respect for the people of Florida.

I’ve never been a lobbyist. I got my kids through college. I’ve worked in restaurant kitchens. I started a business. I’ve had cancer. I hiked the Appalachian Trail. I built a boat out of wood. I’ve been in protest marches. I still really miss my immigrant grandparents. I was in some bad hurricanes.

But I’ve never been a lobbyist. I’m a person like you who wants us all to get a fair deal.

He is recently retired and wants to work full time representing you.

In 2012, Ross challenged pro-gambling State Rep. Erik Fresen in the adjacent District 114 and received almost 49% of the votes.

2012 election results

2012 election results

Ross is a sailor, Appalachian trail hiker, boatbuilder and backcountry kayak explorer. He is a passionate student of the Spanish language, and can communicate directly with the Spanish-speaking residents of Florida.

Ross’s wife is a psychoanalyst, and they have two grown children. Their daughter works at a teaching college, and their son is a jazz musician.

The time is now

The time is now

Ross has never been a lobbyist or officeholder. His work experiences are probably more similar to yours. These are the vocations that Ross has had in his life:

  • Librarian
  • Theater technician
  • Scriptwriter at a theme park
  • Dishwasher at HoJo’s and a national park
  • Gas station attendant
  • Film editor
  • Insurance executive
  • Ad executive
  • Economic development consultant
  • Newspaper and magazine editor
  • Manufacturing standards engineer
  • Non-profit communications