As urgent as our environmental crisis is, there are so many of our neighbors, co-workers, and families who are suffering right now because they haven’t had timely access to lifesaving health care. We need to expand Medicaid – or better yet, extend single-payer Medicare to all Floridians of all ages! We need to make our nursing homes safe and dignified for our seniors. Plus, we need to protect women’s private health choices ASAP. We need to expand the health care workforce by making college education affordable to all. And we need to get more people working by expanding vocational education opportunities and raising the minimum wage for our most hardworking neighbors.

We have reached also a critical moment in the sustainability of Florida’s environment. Our home values and our lifestyles are being impacted. We Floridians voted for a constitutional amendment to preserve land and resources, and our legislature is ignoring it. Little is being done to address sea levels and flooding. Traffic has become so bad, the economy is choking from it. Our insurance rates are getting jacked up. We are missing out on clean energy jobs, while power and energy companies pollute our bays and aquifers.

Florida’s water is an issue we can ALL support. Send me to Tallahassee and I will do everything I can to protect your home!

Dedicated to protecting home values and our quality of life.

Next year, the State House will be addressing critical environmental issues as well as new state responsibilities regarding health policy as out relates to a pandemic as well as changes to federal policy. We need to have the best representation we can get.

I humbly ask for your support and your vote, to serve all of our community, in the election for State House 111.

If you are a Democrat, you can be confident that I am there for working people and people in need, and I am supported by labor and teachers.

If you are Independent, your interests are incorporated in every vote I will make.

Even if you are Republican, I ask for your support. I will humbly work to be the best representative I can be, always committed to protecting your family, your home, and our children’s futures.

I will work with leaders in all parties to ensure a healthy environment for Florida. For our homes, for our children, for our future!

Ross Hancock