Whether it’s nature, our own bodies, our family life, our financial status – when things get out of balance, there are problems.

Our political world is out of balance.

A boat can’t stay balanced and afloat if everyone has rushed to opposite sides. A garden can’t grow with too much or too little sunlight.

Florida’s electorate is more or less balanced between the two major parties, but one party not only controls all three branches and both houses of state government, they are on the verge of a supermajority in the Florida House. And they have become more and more extreme on privatization, social issues, and climate-change denial.

Schools need to be more balanced in teaching versus testing. Working people need to see a fair balance between hard work and wages. Our environment needs to have the right balance of clean water and nutrients.

And our legislators need to move way over from their frat house lifestyle and do some work for the people.

A one-party supermajority in the Florida House is as dangerous for Republican residents as it is to Democrats and independents. There is a toxicity in our politics that feeds a self-destructive impulse in our most extreme politicians. So there is a lot a stake. And we don’t have much time. Let’s unite.

Ross Hancock

I will work with leaders in all parties to ensure a healthy environment for Florida. For our homes, for our children, for our future!